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Should I have a .com or a .biz for my business?

So it turns out if you want to have a custom email address like AngelaBrown(at)SavvyCleaner(dot)com, rather than some random string of numbers @ – you have to register a domain name. It turns out that some 294 million domain names are registered according to Enterprise Networking Planet and this study was back in July 15, 2015.

So a quick Google search provided me with a host of options for registering domain names. Now I’ll let you in on a little secret – registering domain names is not new to me. I’m no good at Facebook and Pinterest but I’ve registered domain names before.

Once upon a time, I heard that there was only one dot com.

This meant to me that whatever your business or personal name is, you probably want to jump on the chance to lock down the domain name with a dot com if possible. The .com is important because it was here first – and it is the default everybody goes to when they are not sure.

A few weeks back I signed up with – and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to log in at – which is somebody else. Nooo!

Whether or not you use it, for about ten bucks a year, you can lock down a domain name and park it until you figure out what to do with it. (When you do something with it, you will also have to pay for a hosting package but more on that another time.)

Later they introduced other versions of the .com like .net, .info, .org, .biz and more recently a host of others like .co, .guru, .tips, .online, .us, .tv, .au etc.

So for my new company Savvy Cleaner which I launched on January 1st 2016 , I was hoping, and biting my fingernails that no one had taken – and to my luck it was available. WHAT? and were both available – so I snatched them. Then for my blog Ask a House Cleaner – was it possible that was available too? YES! And for the podcast I haven’t started yet: and for the YouTube channel I haven’t started yet: – YES all available!

Then suddenly I got frightened – these are prime domain names. 300 million domain names registered by now, and the exact ones I am looking for are available? Could it be that I have landed on a gold mine of opportunity? Is it possible that others like myself, offering online training to independent house cleaners don’t have a clue about the only Or is it possible that those who clean houses, are like me and they know zilch about online marketing?

It costs $9.99 per year for the license to lock down a domain name at Cheap Domain Registration which is who I use for domain name registrations. I purchased all the domain names I mentioned – and then I purchased the .info, .net, and .org relating to those names. Greedy? Of course. But the last thing I’m looking for right now is for somebody to skate in and scoop up a domain name similar to mine and compete with me in business. I want the upper hand.

Have you registered your name or your company name yet?

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