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Streamline your social media

This week I’ve been looking for shortcuts to social media. This is super important for me since I am only one person right now running my house cleaning consulting company and don’t have time to sit at the computer all day, every day curating and creating content for my business. I recognize the importance of doing it, I just don’t have time to do it all day, every day.

The days of hanging a lighted “we’re open” business sign, and running a yellow page ad for business, hoping people will find us, are over. The world lives on the internet, our magic marketing mix social media keys on computerclients are looking for us on the internet, and if we are not there, and ready to do business, our customers are going to go somewhere else?

So how is a one man or woman show supposed to be active and stay relevant online when we are with customers all day and running the day-to-day operations of the business?

The answer is simple – you have to be organized, and have systems in place that help you streamline your time investment.

Create a social media budget

There is a myth in social media circles that marketing through social media channels is free. It is not free. It is advertising and marketing, and there is always a cost, whether it is your time, or in software or apps you license to help you, or in people you hire to do your social media marketing for you.

It is anything but free. Since it is a business expense, make sure you have allocated a budget for social media, and make sure you save your receipts, because you will tax deduct these advertising and marketing expenses.

Hire someone to do your social media for you

Now you can hire an expert to run the social media marketing end of your business, and if you do – be specific about what you are looking for, and what type of results you expect.

Be prepared to pay a hefty price for this service, and realize what you are paying for years of learning, trial, error and expertise. When you pay an expert, you do so because you don’t have the time or desire to learn these things yourself.

Now that we’ve made it easy for you to delegate the social media side of your business – I want to challenge you to spend some time each day and still learn the ins and outs of internet marketing yourself.

Heaven forbid your social media expert is hit by a bus and leaves your website in limbo – you need to know enough to make updates, posts, re-tweets, re-posts and re-pins yourself. You also need to know how to explain to the next person you hire, what was done, and what you’ve tried that didn’t work, so they don’t duplicate the learning curve at your expense.

prt_220x-_1378726184Social Media is not going away. Choose to know what is going on with internet marketing and be active in the game if you are to succeed in business. That’s where your customers and clients are.


Why you should learn social media

  • If you hire someone to do your social media for you, you will know what to ask for, what to look for, and you will have a good idea if they are giving you a fair deal, and if they are capable of doing what they promise, and a good idea of how long it is going to take.
  • Download free trials for social media apps and software, and figure out which ones make sense for your business.
  • Template the process you use for apps and software to curate and create content. When you hire an assistant they can simply follow your system for optimum results. Make it easy for someone else to pick up where you left off.
  • It will give you an idea of what is going to be required for your business to be successful. Ask yourself these questions:

Is this social media a tool or a toy?

  • Is this (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram etc.) a toy for you to screw around on, posting pictures of your lunch and your cat chase his tail, or is this a tool for you to build your business.

What results do you hope to achieve from this social media?

  • Clarify upfront what the results you are seeking from each social media (to network with clients, to convert clients, to hang out with clients, to collect leads, to be visible etc.) Being clear about the results you expect will help you determine what type of content to post.

What type of content do you need?

  • Will you post your own original content or could you benefit from sharing content from companies similar to yours? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, if somebody else has written the perfect blog, it might be in good taste for you to recommend that information to your clients.

How frequently do you need to post?

  • Figure out how often you need to post, pin, tweet, blog etc. in order to achieve the results you are seeking. (Give yourself six months to a year to really figure out each of the social media outlets and play around with content and frequency change it up, until you find what works for your business.)

Create a learning schedule for social media

  • Learn something new about social media every day. For me – the whole internet marketing thing is sort of new, and I admit I don’t know the half of it when it comes to Linkedin, Pinterest and all the others. So I’ve set aside an hour a day to focus on a different aspect of social media. It goes like this, on my way to the gym in the morning and during my morning workout, on Monday I listen to podcasts about Facebook, Tuesday it’s podcasts about Twitter, Wednesday = Linkedin, Thursday = Pinterest, Friday = Snapchat, Saturday = Google+, Sunday = Instagram, Monday = Facebook, Tuesday = Twitter…and you see how it goes. When I get a few minutes here or there, I implement the things I’ve learned during the morning podcast. Again, don’t reinvent the wheel, somebody else already created the wheel, and the wagon on the wheel and they’re offering you a free ride. Will you get on the social media wagon?


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