Press Kit: Does Your Website Need One? @AngelaOberer

Press Kit: Do you have one?

Press Kit. One of your best marketing tools is a press kit. Make it easy for journalists, reporters and fans to promote you – and you get to be in charge of the conversation. Give them the ammo they need to shoot your story in the right direction.

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Press Kit Madness

I’m about to launch the Savvy Cleaner Training and Certification program. I’ve been working around the clock to create and produce an online program for house cleaners. This program will condense 25 years of outrageous success owning and operating one of the largest house cleaning companies in the Southeastern United States. It’s my research and development, and my trial and error. Everything boiled down into a two week learning boot camp. At the end of the training you will have all the necessary tools to start, run and operate your own house cleaning company.

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The need for a press kit

I’m about to hit a wall.

The media interviews have already started. Writers are quoting me in their blogs and articles. They are mentioning my company in their business newsletters and on the radio. Each time I’m quoted or interviewed, they ask me: Do you have a photo you can send me? How about a photo of you cleaning you can send me? Do you have a quote? Do you have a series of questions I can ask you? And the list goes on.

Each time they ask me these questions I have to stop. Go to my computer, go to a file, and pull up that information. Thank goodness it’s organized and I know where to find it in the data cloud. Then I’ve got to open Outlook. I’ve got to add a note, add an attachment, grant necessary reuse, editing & modification permissions, and then send it off. Of course I want to help a reporter out, after all, they are giving me free publicity for my business. But can you see how much time I’m wasting by not having a press kit?

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I could save time with an online Press Kit

Large companies have press kits. Small companies should too. I’m a small company right now and most of the stuff in my press kit is about me. Not to brag, I’m just the grass roots of my company. As my company grows, I’ll have more stuff to add to my press kit.

Instead of stopping each time I get a media request, I could direct reporters and journalists to a link that has all the stuff they need to make me look good. It’s automation of my marketing materials. Stored in one place where everybody who needs it can access it with the click of a button. It’s another way to work smart not hard.

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So what do you put in a press kit?

You put in whatever somebody will ask you for.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru Press KitHeadshots

For me this is a couple of photos. Headshots they can use either in an article or in a bio.

Half body or ¾ photos Angela Brown Oberer (3.4.1) Press Kit

These are modification photos where there is blank space around me in the photo. A modification photo is excellent for adding a quote or pictures. It allows the designer to be creative if they choose. The more options you give a journalist with the photos in your press kit, the more likely they are to pick one. This is just added exposure.

Angela Brown Polishes Microwave, Press Kit Action Images

Do you have pictures of you in action? You on the job? Your company store or headquarters? I don’t have a storefront. I’m selling information, so for me, action shots show me doing what I’m teaching – cleaning.


At the end of every article give the reporter an option to include your bio. And what did they just say about you? Have a bio specific to that.

If they are promoting your blog, have a bio that links back to your blog.

Bio Photo, Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru, press kit

If they are promoting your book – Have a bio that links back to your book.

Do you have a free newsletter with more tips like the ones the journalist just included? Have a bio that links to your sign up page.

Sometimes the guidelines of a publication won’t allow you a personal hyperlink. Sometimes they do – but include it in your bio just in case. They can cut it out if they want. But make it easy for the writer to just include it by copying and pasting your well-crafted bio into their post.

If they have to stop and go looking for your links or photos, it’s less likely they are to include them.

the house cleaning guru header, Savvy Cleaner, Press KitHeaders & Logos

If you have created professional headers or logos for your company, have them in your press kit.

Don’t make the journalist do a Google search for something you could offer them in high resolution format.

Interesting Facts, Press KitInteresting facts about the CEO or Company

Any interviewer can jazz up a piece with a few interesting or little known facts. Instead of making the reporter “dig dirt” on you – offer it. Keep a running tally of funny things that happened to you. They could be bloopers in your business, or weird stuff that your audience might find interesting. You can guide this conversation by including it in your press kit. Interesting facts can springboard a story in an interview that is not going well. Suddenly you tell a riveting story, tie it back into the purpose of the interview and bam! You’re back on track.

Questions Angela Brown, Press KitQuestions

If you have an interview on a podcast, a TV or radio show, they are going to ask you questions. Again, save the reporter time by providing your own questions. Sure they can ask you anything they want, but give them questions in advance. You know the answers to these questions and can shine on these topics. When you look good, it makes your show host look good.

Quotes Quotes Angela Brown, Press Kit

Everybody loves quotes. Everybody posts quotes. Just look at Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Motivational quotes galore. Why not have people quote you? Make up some compelling quotes about your business or industry. And include them in your press kit. Instead of you and the journalist playing email ping pong, with “Hey can I get a quote from you?” Just include it in your press kit with granted permissions to reuse. See how much time that saves?


Do you have funny or educational video snippets you could add to your press kit? Action clips of you in business or serving the community? Welcome to an era of live streaming and video. It’s important to include video of you or your employees validating what the journalist is saying. Your video clips don’t even have to be professional quality. They should have good lighting and sound, and have a clear subject matter. But you don’t need to hire a camera crew. You or a friend could even shoot them on your cell phone.

Video Shooting Tip:

Shoot all your videos in landscape. (Turn your phone turned sideways), so the picture fills the computer or TV screen. But again, if you don’t include videos, you reduce the chance of one added in your promotions.

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Video Hosting Tip:

Host your videos to Vimeo rather than YouTube. When the video is over you’ll get a blank screen instead of a bunch of other video options. You don’t want your audience going down a YouTube rabbit hole to find your competitors.

You can also post them on YouTube for SEO purposes. But for your press kit, you want the video to end and have the audience come back to you.

To illustrate my point: Here is a 15 second video. One is posted to YouTube and the other to Vimeo – watch what happens after the video is over.

 Youtube with redirect to other videos at the end
 Vimeo without redirects at the end

What is the difference between a press kit and a media kit?

A media kit is a division of a press kit, and is specific to each offering.

If you have a blog, you will have a media kit for that blog. It will include photos & interviews. You’ll have an author page, or an “about” page. You might include social media stats, audience stats, your marketing plan, publishing frequency etc.

If you have a book you will have a media kit for that book.

Your podcast will have its own media kit, and your online courses will have a media kit.

The press kit is a step back. Think of your press kit as a house, and the media kits are rooms within that house. It’s lovely to have a press kit full of media kits. But if you are just starting out, make sure you have your house built first and provide a press kit. You can build media kits as you create new business elements. Use the framework (themes, fonts and colors) in your media kits that you used in your press kit.

Press Kit on Tablet

Contact Information

If a journalist has a question, how do they find you? Don’t make them go back three hundred emails in their inbox to find an email with your contact information. Include your phone, mailing address, hours of operation and all your social media links.

Why? Because maybe they want to send you a thank you card or a gift. If you post hours of operation – they may call you during business hours, rather than at 2:00am when they are crunching a deadline.

Include your social media links so they can follow you, retweet you, and repost your future ideas. If they like you enough to write about you, they may be a good advocate for your business.

“A voice of authority, in a prominent place, who believes in you is business gold.” – Angela Brown Oberer

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Where do you place your press kit?

The best place to place a press kit is where people will find it. Your company website should have a press kit. And if you are the business, I hope you have your own domain name. Post it there.

My name is Angela Brown Oberer. I started my house cleaning business 25 years ago when I was just Angela Brown before I got married. I registered the domain name

I’ve used the name Angela Brown from day one for my business and that is how all my clients know me. It’s a name that is easy to remember and refer – so I’ll use it for the Savvy Cleaner Network as well. Just makes sense. My press kit lives at

For $8 – $12 per year, you can have your own and have all your media interviews link back to it. Register your domain name at

Remember there is only so you’ll want to register your name as soon as possible so someone else doesn’t take it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. And there are way more famous Angela Brown’s than me, but I got the domain name – so I win.

NOTE: Having the domain name bumped me to the first page of Google (searching for the name Angela Brown) with no paid advertising. Just sayin’.

Here’s another note: No matter what you do for the rest of your life, you will be you. Your domain name can travel with you as you change jobs, write a book, create music, art, a clothing line, or whatever. If you haven’t already registered your personal name as a domain name, I’m not kidding, do it now.

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How often should you update your press kit?

Update it whenever you have new videos, new photos, a new product, new promotions or new media kits. By keeping it updated, you boost the SEO juice to your page. (This means you keep your page ranking in the search engines.) Your press kit will never be complete – so don’t wait to post it until it’s perfect. Just get started and build it as you go.

Do you have a press kit?

I want to see it. Share it in the link below. Don’t have one yet? Go create one and then share it with me. I’m excited to see what others are doing with their press kits.

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