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Periscope for Beginners @AngelaOberer > Magic Marketing Mix
Periscope for beginners by Angela Brown Oberer, MagicMarketingMix.com

Periscope for Beginners @AngelaOberer

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live streaming app that Twitter purchased a few months back. It’s fairly new, so don’t get weirded out if you’re just hearing about it – it’s new to everyone. Think of it as “Face Time or Skype” but instead of talking to just one person, you talk with many. To “scope” as the term goes, you download the Periscope app fromMagicMarketingMix.com_Periscope_Logo the Apple or Android store to your smart phone or tablet. There are 4 options at the bottom of your screen:

1) A TV – that shows you a menu of live scopes and those recorded within the past 24 hours that you can re-watch. Note: a scope only lives for 24 hours on file before it disappears and is gone forever.

2) A globe that shows a map of scopes happening live around the world – and you are free to join and watch any of them – no charge.

3) A camera where you can broadcast your own scope, and

4) A friend’s button where you can find users to follow.

During a live scope, only the person broadcasting or hosting the show is visible. They are in control of the broadcasting camera phone – so they get to control what the viewers see. If you watch a scope you are invisible, except for your Twitter handle which shows up on the screen for everyone including the host to see. Example: When I join a scope, the host sees “@SavvyCleaner just joined” and often the host will call it out – “Hey Savvy Cleaner” and then my name disappears.

Can you ask questions during a scope?

As a viewer, you can also see who else joined the scope or when somebody texts a comment or question.

NOTE: If a viewer is being nasty or vulgar, the host can block that person from the scope, much like you would block a tweet you didn’t want showing up in your newsfeed.

During the scope the viewer can ask questions, or make comments via text only. The host can choose to answer or ignore them.

If you like something the host is saying, you simply tap on your screen and valentine hearts appear – it is the equivalent of the Facebook like button.

I haven’t done my first scope yet – I’ve been observing this week to learn best practices.
I watched an interesting scope yesterday where a lady took us on a visual tour of her companies shipping department – she highlighted a few items she was selling (She sells supplies to cleaning service providers,) and then she made a verbal offer – “If you purchase anything from us this weekend only, use this word in your coupon box at checkout and we’ll give you $20 off”.

Sue B. Zimmerman and Chris Ducker on Periscope
Sue B. Zimmerman and Chris Ducker on Periscope photo taken by Angela Brown Oberer and used with permission

I also watched a brilliant scope by @ChrisDucker interviewing @SueBZimmerman and Sue is all things internet savvy. She brought Chris a sign that says #YouPreneur which is his branded business hashtag, so he would have a visual for his Periscope presentations. You’ll notice that he also has his company name printed on his computer skin. The way he has it set up, facing the phone camera, you can see exactly what he is promoting. I love it.

They also used this heart board to visually remind the viewers to send love for the Periscope by tapping the screen. And you can see the hearts on the right hand side of the photo. These are real hearts that viewers sent. So having the reminder board worked.

You’ll also notice that Chris was smart enough to flip his phone sideways (horizontal) to capture a landscape (or wider) view when recording his Periscope presentation than if his phone had been in vertical or portrait upright position.

Both Chris and Sue brought their “A game” to the Periscope and though it was an informal behind the scenes to a different interview — it was lively, fun, entertaining and educational. It was a short, free motivational seminar. Woohoo!

I’ve watched several Periscope presentations this week, trying to figure it all out, and most of the scopes suck. There are lots of people hanging out on Periscope because they are bored and have nothing better to do with their time. I don’t care if you waste your own time, but please don’t waste mine. If you are bored that’s fine, my life is exciting without you, and if I come hang out with you, please don’t bore me. Everybody can be fun and happy for a few minutes – and if you can’t – don’t bring everybody down by making a Periscope about it.

I can see the potential that Periscope can bring you closer to your friends, clients and prospects, and I love the ways it was used to offer “spur of the moment” coupons, and other calls to action to sign up for free newsletters etc.

How can you use Periscope to promote your online offering?

Here are a few suggested calls to action for your Periscope:

  • Sign up for my free newsletter
  • Link to us through this #hashtag (include your company branded hashtag.)
  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube etc.
  • Download a copy of my book
  • Use this coupon for a discount
  • Sign up for my webinar
  • Tune in to my Tweet Chat
  • Subscribe to my Podcast
  • Swipe to share this Periscope on Twitter etc.

Note: I did swipe to share a few scopes, and it’s very cool. Twitter grabs the handle of the presenter along with the Periscope logo and the hashtag #Periscope, the title of the scope (each host gets to title their scope when they start broadcasting, for easy reference) and then a live replay of the scope you are sharing is posted right in your Twitter feed for all your friends to see.

So I’m enamored by the new technology, and fascinated by it. Follow me on Periscope @SavvyCleaner to watch me live as I figure it out for myself.

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