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Organize Your Website with NextGEN Gallery @AngelaOberer

How do your organize your electronic closets?

Organize your electronic closet, this one has clothes. Magic Marketing Mix

Imagine if each item in this closet was a photo, an image or a piece of clip art. Stuffed in a website somewhere with no rhyme or reason. How ya going to find what you’re looking for?

When I started my blog back in January 2016 I had a domain name, a hosting package and a WordPress theme. At first I had no idea what I was doing so I wrote a blog. The blog looked bare, so I added in a couple of photos. I didn’t organize or tag them, I just uploaded them to my website and viola! I was ready to go.

The next blog happened about the same. And the next. This went on for several weeks. Now I’m 4 months and 4,691 photos into my blog and my media library looks like this closet. It’s kind of functional and I can sort of find what I’m looking for. But I’m wasting precious time searching for pictures I know I’ve uploaded but don’t know exactly where they are.

Flash forward five years into blogging – what does my electronic closet look like?

If I don’t organize my files today – it will be absolute mayhem. Errgh. I don’t even want to think about it.

After searching for a solution,  and reading reviews, I found NextGEN Gallery. NextGen Gallery is a WordPress plugin that will allow me to organize and easily find my blog images. With over 14 million downloads, NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time. Developed and supported by Photocrati Media it offers free and paid versions. I’m using the free version for now.

I’m new to NextGEN Gallery and have limited tech skills, but really like the logical layout to the filing system. Pictures, photos and images go into galleries. Galleries go into Albums.

NextGen Gallery Display

You can sort Albums, Galleries and Photos by name, alphabet, Number ID etc.

Bulk actions include batch importing, transferring, and copying images between folders. You can add watermarks to entire albums at once, resize images, crop images, and rotate images.  You can move galleries between albums. Delete entire galleries or albums and do batch tagging of photos as well.

Depending on the nature of your website, you can display individual images on your site or entire galleries.

Getting started with NextGEN Gallery is as easy as downloading and activating the plug-in through your WordPress dashboard.


You can find tutorials for advanced features on YouTube. Learn how to organize, display and store your videos in just a few minutes.

My favorites “how to” YouTube videos for NextGEN Gallery in order are:

Intro & Set up of NextGen Photo Gallery

Word Press NextGen Gallery Quick Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial: NextGen Gallery – Create Galleries & Albums

Getting Started with NextGEN Gallery – Photocrati tutorial

NextGEN Gallery Widgets

Uploading Batch Images to NextGEN Gallery

Featured Images with NextGEN Gallery

At first I was afraid I would have to re-upload all the photos in my blogs, and re-tag them once inside NextGEN Gallery. But before you do anything drastic like starting all over from scratch, do a YouTube search. With 14 million users, there is somebody that has posted a tutorial on how to do it.

Implementing a new plug in like NextGEN Gallery is a small learning curve and will take me some getting used to. But after using it for a couple of days, I can already see it’s going to save me a lot of time in the long run. It’s also responsive so the albums you create with visual appeal on a desktop computer will shrink with style, to the size of a tablet or cell phone screen. Woohoo!

Set aside a few minutes today to organize your blogs, website and electronic closets. It will help you save time, have easy access to your images, and will optimize your website for better performance.

What image or file plugins are you using to optimize your time and your WordPress site?

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