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ITunes Review as Payment

An iTunes review is the least I can do for a man who drove 2500 miles across the country with me. Let me take a step back. It was May of 2015 and I had a 2008 Honda civic in Los Angeles, California and I needed to deliver it to Charlotte, North Carolina. I called several trucking companies and for about $1,200 they would load it on a truck and bring it to me. The problem was I needed to be in Los Angeles to release it from the secure parking lot it was in, and then be in Charlotte NC, to receive the car several days later.

Map of America Podcast Style

If I was going all the way to Los Angeles anyway, I might as well make a road trip and drive the car back. And I could use a mini clear-my-head, change of scenery vacation. I figured with the great gas mileage I got in my Honda, that money for gas, plus food along the way would be less than $250. plus roughly 48 hours of driving including a few naps in between.

I know there are pockets of the USA that don’t have great radio reception, and my car was old enough it didn’t have Bluetooth or SIRIUS radio. While I love being alone with my thoughts, some good entertainment or education to keep me awake during the drive would be a good idea. I Googled “what to listen to for long distance drives” and one suggestion that came up was The Art of Charm Podcast. What is a podcast?

Basically it’s like talk radio, you have a host, and often times a guest, and they banter and chat about various topics. Well, The Art of Charm is a radio show about charm, confidence, relationship & dating advice, biohacking and productivity – FOR MEN.
I’m married – and I’m a woman, but I guess I could be more charming, and more productive. And hey, If it’s good for a man, it’s probably also applicable to a woman. (Not to mention it has over 2 Million downloads and 450+ episodes)
I went to the iTunes app store and downloaded the app, found The Art of Charm podcast, and flew to Los Angeles.

At this time, I had never listened to a podcast, and I didn’t know there were more than this one. So I listened to the Art of Charm, hour after hour with Jordan Harbinger (the show host) in my ears for the entire drive across the country. He’s mesmerizing, entertaining, informative and funny… and he interviews experts from all over the world, people like Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss. Before I arrived back in Charlotte, I felt like Jordan and I were best buds, and I started rethinking my entire business strategy.

I told everybody I knew about my new found (and free) golden goose – The Art of Charm. It’s a self-mastery course that people should pay thousands of dollars for. The information could fill hundreds of books – and I binge consumed it on a crazy drive across America…and for the next 9 months while I completely revised my career, my personal life, my goals and my lifestyle. Jordan was my personal coach.

TwitterbirdI was so excited that I posted a note about it on Twitter telling all my Tweeps about Jordan, and then I got a message from Jordan himself.

“So glad you enjoyed the show. Thanks for sharing it with your friends. Hey can you write me an iTunes review?” He asked for no money. He asked for an iTunes review. HUH?

itunes reveiew but not from phone MagicMarketingMix

Here’s the glitch – I don’t know how to write an iTunes review. I went to the pink button on my phone and all it shows is the next episode cued up. I click on the gear button and it shows the settings for the show, Play – sort order – subscribed and notifications.

At home I went to my desktop and Googled The Art of Charm Podcast and found the iTunes link and I saw the 5 stars and I clicked on it – and nothing happened. No link, no place to leave reviews. It’s the most confusing thing ever. I must be an idiot.

itunes review of the Art of Charm Magic Marketing Mix

So how do you leave an iTunes review? Everything is on Google right?  I Googled “how to write an iTunes review?” and here’s what I found:

You can in fact leave an iTunes review right from your cell phone but not through the show feed.

Here are the steps:

Click on the iTunes Podcast app. It’s the pink button.

A blank screen appears.

iTunes Podcast App Icon


Click on the magnifying glass in the bottom right hand corner.

Type in the name of the show you want to write the review for and hit search.

itunes review Magic Marketing Mix


The show will pop up and you click on the reviews tab.

(Note that at the moment of this post, there are 7,101 x 5 star reviews. That means there are 7,101 other people that figured this out before me.)

itunes review tab Magic Marketing Mix


Sign into the iTunes store with your Apple ID

This validates that you have actually downloaded or subscribed to the podcast and are an actual listener.

Itunes Review Apple ID MagicMarketingMix


This is where you leave a review for a podcast. The best reviews are your personal experience of what you discovered in the podcast and how it solved one of your problems.

Think of this as payment for all the work the show team has gone to providing all this information for free.

You are adding your own personal endorsement to this show.

Itunes Review write a review Magic Marketing Mix


If you are like me, you’re all thumbs when it comes to typing on the mini screen. So hit the microphone button and speak your review. The phone will type it out for you.

Do a quick re-read to make sure it’s all spelled correctly and hit send.

And that’s it.

Review accomplished.

ITunes Review by recording it Magic Marketing Mix

I did it. I did it. And now you can too.

The importance of an iTunes review is that a review provides social proof. It’s the equivalent of online word-of-mouth advertising. The more reviews a show receives, the higher that podcast ranks in the search engines, making it easier for others to find. Positive reviews help people decide where to spend their time and energy.

If a team is willing to go to all the work of preparing for and taping and editing and posting a series of podcast episodes, the least we can do is write a review to show our gratitude. It’s a very small price to pay for a golden goose that keeps producing golden eggs.

Your turn, Who do you need to write a review for?
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