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Why do I need a Media Kit?

Media Kit Templates by Twelveskip
Example Media Kit Templates by Twelveskip

My big project for the day is to create a media kit for my blog. Since opening our doors for business at Savvy Cleaner on Jan 1, 2016 we’ve been spending lots of time building our social media platforms, websites and products. One of the most important parts of our online company image is our media marketing package. Do you have one?

Every project you create for your business should have it’s own media kit.. If you have a podcast – you should have a media kit for your podcast. If you have a book you should have a separate media kit for your book. If you have an online training program, it should have its own media kit.

Knowing that you are going to have a media kit for each project, allows you to plan and create it, as you create content for your project, keeping all of your articles, photos, logos, reference materials etc. in one place.

As you get ready to launch a project, you can turn to your media kit for easy and effortless packaging.

Having a media kit can also help you package your ideas together nicely so you can seek funding for your project, or help you close a deal when talking with a client.

So What exactly is a Media Kit?

This is the package you will present to the world of your offering.

For the sake of ease, let’s say you are selling a book.

NOTE: For the most part you will create a digital press kit that can be stored on your website, and delivered to a client, an online bookstore, a reviewer or an interviewer as a link. They will use this information in whatever way they want to promote you to their audience.

Your Media kit can include but is not limited to: Media Kit Composites

You book media kit will include:

  • The book (either a PDF or a printed copy.)
  • The table of contents
  • The cover art Front, Back and Spine (if the book will be sold as an ebook, you will need a 3d picture of the book.)
  • Author photo
  • Author page – history of the author (with a human element)
  • Foreword
  • Introduction – why you are the best person to write the book
  • Testimonials from people who have read the book
  • Call to Action – (What do you want the person reading your press kit to do? Carry your book in a bookstore? Resell the book? Interview you on a podcast? Promote your book to their audience as a giveaway?
  • Interview questions and answers for radio stations and podcasts you plan to be interviewed on.
  • An author bio used to introduce you on radio stations and podcasts you plan to be on.
  • Your social media marketing plan to promote your book.
  • Your target market or audience – which will help others determine if your offer is a good fit for their audience.
  • Social proof and statistics
  • FAQ sheet with answers
  • Your promotion specifics, when does it start and end? What are the terms and conditions you are offering? And how can your listeners, viewers, or readers can participate in your promotion or contact you?
  • Advertisements of your book ready to re-post in sizes preferred for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Facebook and Linkedin.
Claude C. Hopkins Author Media Kit
Free Author Media Kit Template offered by – Click the picture to download

The purpose of the Media Kit

You want to answer all of the questions people will have about your book to help educate them to sell, or promote your book.

Then you want to make it easy for them to say yes to you. Yes, they can buy your book, yes they can interview you, yes they can re-pin, re-post and re-tweet your advertisements etc.

Tips for creating a killer Media Kit

  1. Use Templates to streamline your work
  2. Make sure all of your materials look professional.
  3. Use the same two fonts on all of your materials. (Choose these fonts wisely.)
  4. Use the same two colors on all of your materials. (Choose these colors wisely.)
  5. Use photos to illustrate your pitch.
  6. Have a professional proof read all of your material for typos, missed words, grammar errors etc.
  7. Make all of your materials easy to read.
  8.  Avoid using large paragraphs and text. Use instead, pictures, bullet points, subheadings, images, and space.
  9. Keep all of your materials uniform. This will help you be perceived as credible and professional.

If you’re not great at graphic design you may want to check out and – both are tools for beginners who don’t have the time, patience or skill to learn graphic design.

(For the rest of you – InDesign and Photoshop by Adobe Creative Cloud will serve you well.)

Magic Marketing Mix Stick Note PicMonkey and Canva both offer a free limited service. The paid versions have many more options. InDesign and Photoshop have a short free trial offered through Adobe, but a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud is necessary if you are going to have an online business, you will use the entire suite of Creative Cloud products every day in creating content for your business.

The most important reason to have a Media Kit

When you sit down to create a media kit, it will force you to get really clear about your business. What are you offering? How are you going to sell it? Who is your target audience? What is your message? How are you going to get your message out to the world? How much does it cost? Is that a fair price? Is it a competitive price in the market place? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you create a better media kit, and it will help others sell or refer business your way.

What else would you include in a media kit for your small business?

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