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Buffer is my virtual assistant

Buffer LogoBuffer is one of the apps I absolutely recommend for social media scheduling. I’ve been listening to podcasts from social media experts every morning while working out and I have heard several people recommend apps and software that save time and money. Buffer is one of those apps.

So since I’m just a one woman show for my house cleaning consulting business I need all the help I can get for social media marketing.

Rather than hiring a social media manager for my small business, I paid $102 for a year subscription to Buffer. (You can pay by the month, but I saved money by subscribing for an entire year up front.) My subscription allows me to connect 10 personal or business, social media accounts. As I stumble on cool ideas, blogs, pins, or posts, I can drop them in my storage bin, and schedule a time and place to re-post that information.

The Buffer bin allows me to customize my re-posts with photos, notes, hashtags and links tailored for my business needs. Then automatically, without me being at my computer, Buffer sends articles to my Google+ page, Tweets to my Twitter account, motivational quotes to my Facebook account and Pins to my Pinterest boards.

* Buffer also works really nicely with Feedly.com which I discussed in another post, which allows me to schedule curated content for my audience.


Buffer vs. Edgar

Another app that was recommended that does the same thing, or something similar to Buffer is called Edgar, and I was torn because I didn’t know which one to choose for my business.

Edgar allows you to submit your content once and it keeps replaying (re-posting, repining, re-tweeting) your content on the schedule you determine for content that doesn’t out date itself.

Buffer on the other hand is more of a one-off solution. Post and it’s gone.

MeetEdgar logoI like the idea of Edgar best, because in the long run, it will probably save time from continually inserting content to my social media scheduling bins. Most of the content I’m posting is not going to out date itself immediately. A Merry Christmas post for example, is obsolete the day after the holiday, where as a post on hashtags will still be a viable post come February. All things being equal I would have chosen Edgar.

All things however are not equal when it comes to Edgar vs. Buffer

Edgar it seems is quite a bit more expensive than Buffer for a small startup business like mine, at the time of this article was written, Edgar was $49 per month and required an “invite” to buy. I requested my “invite” and while I was waiting for it to arrive, jumped over to Buffer where I discovered they offered a free individual account which is pretty lame, and a paid version which is freaking awesome for $10 per month (or $102 per year), which includes 10 social profiles, up to 100 scheduled posts per profile, and works amazingly with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Six hours later I still had not received my invite from Edgar, so Buffer won my business. And when my Edgar invite arrived 24 hours later, I had already signed up for Buffer for a year, and had populated my calendar with future posts, and content was already being automatically submitted to my audience.

I’m not sure the marketing tactic for the 24 hour delay from Edgar – I’m sure they have a good reason like creating VIP scarcity or something, or maybe it was designed to keep the riff-raff like me out of their program. Oh well, I vote with my money and Buffer got mine.

I still don’t like the idea of constantly plugging in new content to Buffer, but it is not as painful as I assumed it would be. While I’m researching stuff on the web, or responding to clients and prospects on Facebook and Twitter, as I see something I want to re-post or re-tweet, the Buffer app pops up and reminds me that I can drop that content in my bin and schedule it for a later re-post.

So check this out, I’m writing an article right now – I am NOT on social media, my new virtual assistant Buffer is sending shout outs to three separate Twitter accounts, a private Facebook group for house cleaners, A Facebook personal page, a Facebook business page, a Linkedin page, my Google+ page, and all of my Pinterest boards. Totally worth every penny of my $102 for this year. Hang on a sec, I’m doing a happy dance and shouting “Booyah!”

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